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Training is delivered by DSA Registered instructors who provide the highest degree of training in the comfort of a clean and brand new vehicle. We have a team of administration staff who are happy to help and give expert advice on all matters ranging from licence applications to the Driver CPC rules and regulations.

A Minibus is a vehicle which carries between 9 and 16 passengers. With a driver that is a total of 17 people (Maximum). There are smaller buses carrying 12 and 15 passengers as well but they are all classed as Minibuses for licencing purposes.

When did the driver pass their driving test? If it was before January 1997 then they are entitled to drive it as long as they are doing so as a volunteer and not receiving payment for doing so and as long as the journey is in this country.

If your driver did not pass their driving test until after January 1997 then they may still be able to drive it under certain conditions (below) unless the Minibus is over 3.5 tonnes (which most new ones are). In which case they will need to take a D1 Minibus Driving test and a CPC test, if they are employed as a driver.

A. If the vehicle is used for social purposes by a non-commercial body but not for hire or reward

B. The driver is aged 21 or over and has held a car (category B) licence for at least 2 years

C. The driver is providing the service on a voluntary basis

D. If the driver is aged 70 or over, is able to meet the health standards for driving a D1 vehicle.

E. The minibus maximum weight is not more than 3.5 tonnes or 4.25 tonnes including any specialist equipment for the carriage of disabled passengers. So, is a teacher taking their school team to a neighbouring school doing so as a volunteer or as part of their paid job? I'm afraid you may struggle to get a straight answer to that one. My advice is contact your local authority or your insurance company.

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